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Personally speaking until just a few years ago I always assumed that the casinos developed their own portfolio of slots games that I enjoyed. It seemed to explain the vast difference in quality between the casinos themselves. Some would have games that looked like 90's throwbacks, others would be immersive and far more entertaining. Fact is that the mobile casino game production market is one of the biggest sectors in the market, comprised of dozens of companies who continue to innovate our games. If we had to choose a few then the following would be a fair representation of the five 'biggest' companies out there.

It's worth noting that like any other tech sector the big fish often gobble up the little ones!

1) Microgaming

The Manchester United of the casino game development industry, they are the biggest and certainly one of the best and longest established too. Renowned for the sheer consistency and volume of their output, they were the company who pioneered licensing games of higher quality than those the casinos could hope to produce themselves. Even the most tech savvy Top Casino couldn't keep up with these guys.

At time of writing they are well on their way to having a total library of 1000 stand alone games and a few hundred special variants. Microgaming produce overall the best looking, sounding and most enjoyable on the market and have led the way in driving the industry towards the mobile format.

2) Playtech

Playtech are a much more diverse company than their great rivals listed above, diversifying particularly into financial trading apps, and arguably now larger but their games remain the bedrock of this highly skilled company. They are a particularly acquisitive company that buys out the best smaller companies and integrates them into their own structure. As such they have been behind many of the most popular slots ever released, especially the Marvel superhero tie-ins.

3) BetSoft

The literal antithesis of Playtech, these guys focus on releasing small numbers of extreme high quality slots that sometimes time years in development! They are without doubt the most immersive and playable games to be found anywhere - sometimes in fact they feel more like a video game! If they could only expand and release more games! But maybe that's be too much of a risk, after we all we wouldn't like Christmas Cake with every meal.

4) Everymatrix

If you've played any casino game in recent years, there's very good chance that these guys were behind the software powering it. While far from a household name, Everymatrix provide the software that runs interactive online casinos and hold a near monopoly over the live casino games hosted on many larger casinos. They host over 20000 games from 33 developers and are also major players in developing payment processing software.

5) Aristocrat

This company is mainly operating in Australasia at moment but given the pokie culture of the region if you've been around those parts of late, that's more than enough to keep them busy. Interestingly they've been around for a long time, and have far and away more years under their belts than anyone else on the list. As a company they've been hard at work keeping up with the latest tech, re-releasing a number of old favorites in recent years to delight their loyal fans.

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